Willpower isn’t all it takes


I hope this statement is making you feel as good as it made me feel when I first read it. I can’t recall how many times I have tried changing some terrible habits like watching TV and not doing any sports. Each time I failed, it was tough for the morale and I would interpret it as: I just don’t have enough willpower.

But now I know better. Well at least I know I’m not alone:)

This page sums up a point that is detailed in Shawn Achor’s book The Happiness Advantage. Achor’s tips helped me a lot, and hopefully they will help you too..

The bottom line is that you should make it easier for you to take on good habits and harder for you to continue bad ones. Lowering or raising the barrier of entry can really make a difference. So next time, you go home, hide the TV remote’s batteries in different places around your flat. Make it difficult to access them, and make it easy to pick up your pencil for drawing or your book for quiet reading sessions.

Also important is eliminating the decisions leading to a good habit. For example going to the gym. Make it easy by scheduling in advance everything from where you will go to what you will do and wear and how you will get there. By eliminating the small decisions, you create an automated space for your new healthy habit that will make it a lot easier to pick up. Achor says in his book that he used to sleep with his training clothes and socks just so that he would have no choice but to go to the gym the next day!! And it worked! And you don’t have to do it forever. Just the first weeks, until the habit is in place.

Will you do what it takes to be happy?

rituals_for_happinessThere are no secrets to happiness. It’s out there. Written a 1000 times in a 1000 different ways. This website is not about writing a new book about it, it’s about applying the principles all agree will help us be happier.

If inspirational speeches and books weren’t enough, we have today scientific backings on what to do to be happier. Since about 20 years, a new field of psychology, positive psychology, made many studies and discoveries and all concur to say the following:

To live a more fulfilling life, to lower our stress levels, and simply to be happier, we need to:
1. Exercise
2. Practice relaxation or meditate or pray
3. Be gratefulThen on top of these three essentials, it helps to:
4. Eat real food
5. Work on something that is both enjoyable and meaningful to you
6. Cultivate relationships and be part of a community, giving and receiving everydaySTOP WONDERING, AND START DOING.

Rituals for Happiness is your happiness coach. It’s a community to give each other the frame and the support we need to implement the changes we all know will make a difference.

Simple programs but programs that have to become rituals. We need to stop thinking, stop giving ourselves excuses (I don’t have time, there are more urgent things to do, I’m too old, I’m too young to do this, it’s too late, etc) and START ACTING NOW!

It’s all up to you, but I will be stronger with you, will you join me?

Happy Ritual!